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3 Benefits Of Frozen Custard Mix For Restaurant Dessert Menus

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If you want to look for ways to increase profits and encourage customers to eat desserts, then consider the use of frozen custard mix at your restaurant. Frozen desserts offer a cool way to cap off a delicious meal. While many restaurants will opt for ice cream options, a frozen custard mix comes with many benefits.

Check out some of the benefits and ways to showcase unique dessert options on your restaurant menu.

1. Custard Mixing

Custard mixes often include eggs, unlike ice cream. The egg whites added to the mixture create a much denser dessert that does not require as much mixing as ice cream. With ice cream, you need to mix in air and create a lighter texture. In a busy restaurant, you can cut down on the time you take to prepare custard and still have plenty ready to serve guests.

2. Custard Serving

With the egg whites and dense serving, custard will soften up quickly. You can serve guests a dessert with soft features that is ready to eat. With ice cream, you have a small window between the times when the ice cream feels too firm and them becomes too melted or soft.

Custard serving allows your guests to receive their dessert in a timely manner while you can also turn over tables quickly and bring new guests into the restaurant. Once you receive your frozen custard mix, you can work on the timing and establish the best ways to prepare flavors and serve guests in a timely manner.

3. Custard Pie Options

Along with serving straight-up custard, the soft filling works well in pies as well. With a custard pie, you can prepare the pie well ahead of time and keep the pie in a refrigerated case. A pie shape allows you to cut even slices and ensure each customer receives the same amount when they order a slice.

Custard pie works with standard pie crust along with alternative options like a graham cracker crust. Play around with different mixtures. Along with the custard, you can add extra ingredients like whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, or cherries. The more frozen mix order, the more pies you can make and try out on your dessert menu.

Once you make custard desserts a regular part of your restaurant's menu, customers will look forward to the creations and help increase the amount each customer spends on their whole meal. Start off with small batches of frozen custard and then gradually increase your orders as the demand increases.

Call a food supplier to learn more about frozen custard mixes