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Choose an Assortment of Goodies to Serve During a Formal Corporate Event

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Tantalizing tarts, a chocolate fountain, multi-tiered cakes, and an array of cookies can enhance your guests' reception of a formal dinner. If business plans have evolved into hosting an annual corporate meeting that includes speakers, a meal, and a dessert, order baked goods through a food supplier, that can be used to create a dessert bar.

Limited Choices Aren't the Best Option

Using one or two desserts for the event's menu may result in food waste or unsatisfied guests. Some people have allergies or diets that restrict them from indulging in specific items. Since you will be incurring costs associated with the setup of the event, it is a better idea to choose a variety of items that will appeal to guests with varying food preferences. Avoid the possibility of dealing with plates of uneaten cake or pie slices and allow your guests to pick out the dessert items that they wish to consume.

After the event, wrap up the leftover products that remain on the bar and bring them home, for you and your family to enjoy later. If you have a lot of leftovers, verbally announce that your guests are free to select items that they would like to take with them.

A Theme May Make the Spread More Appealing

Announcing a new product that is being released, awarding some of your colleagues with trophies, or discussing some renovations within the business may persuade you to use themed decor. Take the dessert bar into consideration and have cakes decorated with icing designs or lettering that pertain to your event's theme and order additional dessert products that utilize food dye colors, pastry cream, and dough that is symbolic of the occasion.

If balloons and streamers that are certain colors or meeting programs that contain specific design elements are being used to promote the affair, the same type of layout can be used, both in the dessert decoration selections and bar setup. A tablecloth, vinyl cover, and decorative dinnerware will make the dessert bar stand out. If the event is being held on your company's premises, use a conference room or the cafeteria for the meeting and dinner.

Choose one side of the room for the dinner items and the other side of the room for the dessert bar. Move tables and chairs into the central part of the room and use a mobile stage to stand on. If you are hosting the event at a public venue, coordinate the delivery and setup of the food, prior to the meeting and use an event planner to aid you with setting up the banquet room. 

Learn more about your options by contacting companies that provide dessert bars for corporate events.