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Why Your Emergency Water Containers Should Be Equipped With Spigots

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When you shop for emergency water containers, pay special attention to those that contain spigots. Not all containers are equipped with this simple feature that allows you to pour out the contents of the container, but it's a valuable one to have. The presence of a spigot may not make or break your decision to buy a particular container, as there are many other factors that you'll want to take into account. Here are some reasons why it's ideal if you can buy containers with spigots.

The Container May Be Too Heavy To Pour

Large emergency water containers are advantageous because of the sheer volume of water that they each can hold. The one downfall to a large container, however, is the fact that its weight can make it difficult to pour. The last thing that you want when you're having to rely on your emergency supply of water is to have trouble tipping the container to pour it. This can especially be a concern if you have children with you and they aren't strong enough to lift or tip one of the containers when they need water. A spigot will provide easy access without having to lift or tip the container.

You're Less Likely To Spill

Regardless of the size of your emergency water container, you need to be careful about using the water. If you're pouring the water out the top of the container, you're at risk of doing so at a quick rate — causing some of it to spill. Or, the flow out of the container might be wide enough that some of the water is lost when you're trying to fill a small bottle. A spigot allows you to dispense the water in a controlled manner without a significant risk of spilling any.

There's A Lower Risk Of Contamination

When you dispense your water through the spigot, there's a far lower risk of the water in the container getting contaminated. Without a spigot, you'd need to open the top of the container to retrieve the water — potentially causing the water to come into contact with contaminants in the air or even the bacteria on your skin. This could result in you contaminating the water and potentially making yourself or a family member sick. Not only would you then need to think about medical care, but you wouldn't be able to use the rest of the water in the container. A spigot will dramatically lower the risk of such issues.