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3 Interesting Ways To Use Coffee

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Coffee is something that many people enjoying on a daily basis. In fact, around 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee everyday. And coffee's popularity doesn't stop at drink form. There are a variety of recipes that incorporate coffee. Some coffee recipes are actually unexpected and use coffee in ways that many everyday coffee drinkers don't think of. Here are 3 interesting ways to incorporate coffee into different recipes.


Coffee plays a starring role in the morning routine of many Americans. The caffeine helps many get started on their day. Hot coffee is the go to for most people but iced coffee is popular as well. One way to incorporate coffee into the morning routine in a unique way is by adding it to a smoothie. Cold coffee or frozen coffee cubes make great additions to any breakfast smoothie. Coffee can even be added to fruit smoothies for a burst of flavor and some much needed caffeine. The options are endless!


Not every coffee recipe has to be edible! Coffee can also be used to make fertilizer for the garden. Coffee grounds can be added to any fertilizer in order to help plants grow. This type of fertilizer is best for acid loving plants. Blueberries and tomatoes are two common garden staples that can benefit from coffee fertilizer. Coffee also contains nitrogen, phosphorous, and trace minerals which are all beneficial to plants. Adding coffee to fertilizer is something that can be done up to once a month for some plants. However, too much coffee can make the surrounding soil too acidic so gardeners should be wary of using this fertilizer too often.


Barbecue is a popular dish across the US. Each region has it's own barbecue flavors and types. What many don't realize is that coffee makes a great addition to any barbecue dish. Coffee can be ground up and used like a spice in sauces. Incorporating coffee into a barbecue sauce is a great way to add more dimension to the sauce. Coffee also makes an excellent rub for different types of meat, especially steak.

Coffee is something that many people drink everyday without realizing it's potential as an ingredient in other dishes. For anyone looking for a culinary challenge, coffee is a great way to add flavor to many favorite dishes. For those who like coffee in the morning, adding coffee to a smoothie is a great way to give it an extra kick. Coffee's hearty flavor also makes a great addition to meat and barbecue. And a unique coffee recipe doesn't just stop at the kitchen! Coffee drinkers should also consider adding coffee to their fertilizer. Coffee can also help perk up a garden as well as an early riser! For more recipes, contact companies like Monin.